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Fox " Sportsmouth " 1260

For over 60 years, 1260 WNXT-AM has been in existence with 56 of those years the voice of the Cincinnati Reds. Each year dreams and hopes hinge on the radio and baseball drama that emerge each spring, summer, and early fall night as players try to earn their way into household names. Since 1260 WNXT- has been on the air with names like Robinson, Pinson, Rose, Gullett, Bench, Perez, Davis, and Larkin which have all become familiar monikers.

Local high school sports has always been a major mission of 1260, WNXT-AM. From the 1961 Portsmouth High School state basketball championship season to the climb of the Wheelersburg Pirates Baseball team to state glory, the WNXT-AM sports crew has been there to give you every exciting play on the road to the dream.

The Saturday morning "Sportsline" at 9:00 am is a locally produced call-in show now entering 40 years of service featuring all the area coaches and their personal evaluation of their team's weekly performances and the keen insight to the players and the strategies of the week.

The Ohio State football and basketball Buckeyes play here with all the pre and post-game excitement that takes the fan straight to the nerve center of one of the nation's heritage college teams.

During the course of the NHL season, Fox "Sportsmouth" WNXT-AM also carries a select schedule of Columbus Blue Jackets games that guarantee to give every local hockey fan their needed weekly fix.

The local news block at noon with Sam Mckibbin has always been a local main-stay when it comes to local news, obituaries, interviews, and other features that have drawn listeners into a regular must listening pattern for generations. The WNXT "Community Corner" James Bussa airs starting at 8:00 am for an hour following the Steve Hayes "Get Up and Go Show" starting at 5:40 am after the first local newscast of the day.

When it's not local, WNXT-AM carries the Fox radio lineup featuring Dan Patrick, Rich Ison, Jay Mohr and many other around the clock hosts that penetrate the sports world with everything that is going on to the very second when it comes to the sports that you want on demand.

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