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Holly Gail


Holly Gail joined the Hometown Broadcasting team in September 2019, with a passion for Portsmouth (THE COMEBACK CITY, USA) and being a part of making this city the best it can be.

She was voted the #2 Most Popular DJ in the Portsmouth Daily Times 2019 Reader’s Poll. Holly is the Executive Producer of the morning shows, a part of the crew with the MIX 99.3 Get Up and Go morning show with Steve Hayes, a sales representative, freestyle rapper, singer and content creator. She will make the soundtrack for your drive home in the afternoon from 4-7 on weekdays, and will always give you an insight on the random and obscure hollydays during the Drive at 5. 

Holly Gail is a musician, photographer, writer, and entertainer, and she is excited to bring her creative skills to Hometown Broadcasting and the radio industry.

A Clay High School graduate, Holly moved to New York for three years to play basketball before finishing up a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Shawnee State University. From there, she moved to Berlin, Germany to work for over a year.


Holly loves to travel and experience different cultures, but decided to move back to her hometown in 2019 and says “This is where my people are, and there is no place I’d rather be.” 

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