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Chuck Greenslate


Chuck Greenslate first worked for Hometown Broadcasting as a college intern in 1998. Remaining in contact with the company for the next 11 years serving as a local high school sports broadcaster, Chuck eventually came on board full-time in 2009.



Chuck's most notable experiences have been broadcasting in the Portsmouth High School boys' basketball team's state tournament games in 2011 and 2012, the Wheelersburg football team's state tournament game in 2017, as well as the New Boston boy's basketball team's state tournament in 2021. 

Chuck is a 1999 Morehead State University graduate with a B.A. in Communications. While Chuck loves creative script writing and studio production, he says what he likes most about his job is being able to work with great people. He loves being able to hear and tell a wonderful story. He considers himself blessed to have the opportunity to promote local athletes and local businesses. 

His favorite radio memory occurred during a live remote in Waverly when a woman, who had recently lost her husband, approached him and said that on mornings when she didn't think she could smile, she with tune in to Chuck and Steve Hayes on "The Get Up and Go Show" and always get a laugh. Chuck says knowing that his work helped make another person's day is the most rewarding thing of all. 

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