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Born in July, 1999, its purpose was to serve the listening area with a full service radio station that reflected a positive "Mix" of music along with local news, sports, and fun. Every local community needs the kind of radio station that is in a sense, "its mouthpiece." Hometown Radio feels that Mix 99.3 has become that kind of listening post that our community can embrace.


Being a local native, Steve Hayes returned to the Portsmouth area in 1999 to help build the area's most listened to morning show. With an arsenal of humor, upbeat music, local news, and sports, "The Get Up and Go Show" will always plug the listeners into the mood or moment of the day. According to Steve's philosophy, "I run my show as if I were a listener too. If I ever get bored with it, I'm sure the listeners would also. I simply try to pretend that I'm in the car, or sitting around the breakfast table with everybody else. By the way, would someone please pass the salt?" "The Get Up and Go Show" can be heard 5 am until 10 am Monday through Friday and from 6 am until 10 am on Saturday mornings.


Mix 99.3 with our other two area stations have become a benchmark of what live local sports coverage is all about. Locally presented and community driven, our "five" separate sport teams of announcers will often cover as many games within a thirty hour window. Mornings it's Chuck Greenslate who reflects the goings on of both the local and regional sporting interests live starting at 6:30 am on The All New MIX 99.3.


When it comes to knowing the landscape of the area's local news, Hometown Radio's stable of veterans know how to present the story in a manner that gives you that immediate sense of authority. From city council to the fastest breaking overnight information, the Hometown Radio news team is plugged into all the sources of authority and delivers what local radio news is all about.


The All New Mix 99.3 was designed to be listened to for extended period of time without hearing that same old song "over and over" again. If it is a tune that someone who is 25 to 60 years of age cares about, you'll hear it on MIX.99.3. Vintage songs of the pop music era are played alongside today's favorite artists. You can still hear a great Beatles song and Taylor Swift or Maroon Five with Carly Simon all designed to give the station a fresh sound while never forgetting the great classics from the past.


Mix 99.3 also features many different features on the station that are ripe for your personal advertising ownership. "The 90's at Nine" begin the workday every Monday through Friday with an hour of the best known songs that helped define a millennial generation.


Presented every Monday through Friday from noon until 1 pm with a retro playback of all the great oldies from the 60's through the 80's.

While the All New Mix 99.3 is a station built for the local audience, it also supports a much larger presence. Audio streaming from the station's web site give the outside listening area a chance to still stay in touch with everything important in their hometown by simply punching up or using the "Tune In" radio app on their smart phone. Hundreds of Emails from around the world prove that even worldwide when it comes to radio favor, there's no place like home.

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